Ballan State Forest - Fast Facts

Trail number

Various trails - no numbering or identification

Trail length

No set course length

Elevation variance

120 metres maximum elevation gain

Trail type

Mix of single trail and fire trails ranging from good conditon to very poor. Single trail largely created by motor bikes but in good condition generally.

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, rocks and rock outcrops

Weather affected

Prone to be muddy after heavy rain

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Small drop offs, pinch climbs, fast flowing single trail

Trail obstacles

Fallen trees, some small sand patches can pop up out of nowhere as well so be careful at speed

Trail Rating

Trail rating

Easy to Intermediate

Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly

Younger MTBers could readily ride this course as long as they have a reasonable level of riding confidence. There are some pinch climbs and care should be taken on some sandy sections.

Trail Map and GPX File

Picture above shows some of the main roads and fire trails in the area from a mashup of 5 gpx files. There are many more trails in there over and above those shown above. Strava users can download gpx files from rides in area along with segment information.

Trail Description

The state forest to the south west of town has a lot of fire trails through it but it also has a large number of motor cycle trails through the bush. Unlike the moto trails in the Lerderderg / Wombat Forest area, these are relatively flat and so they don't getted ripped up as much making for good riding trails. Having said that, there are a variety of trails that do get pretty ripped up and weathered so you get a good variety of trails.

There are only a few motor cyclists in the area and you can hear them coming a mile off and they don't seem to mind MTBers as I had a number stop and have a talk or wave as they headed past.

I have done a number of rides around this area and just headed down trails and seen rivers, ridges, pine plantations, etc so it is quite varied. The northern part of the part generally has continuous trails as there are a number of dead end trails in the southern part due to the river gorge but they are still well worth riding on an in-out basis.

A GPS is handy so you can roughly gauge where you are in the park as it's fairly easy to get disoriented. Note that phone GPS can be sporadic due to patchy coverage. There are a number of Strava segments in the area if you wish to put a loop together. Its pretty easy to get a 20km + loop together. Thanks to Danny Halstead for identifying this area.

Car park located just off the Ballan - Egerton road where it intersects with South Main Road. Was a boys camp run by the police in times gone past but the vandals have moved in and destroyed it and turned it into Shitsville. Quite a few motos park here as a starting point as well as in the middle of the forest. Last photo looking back to camp area on nice flat riverside single trail before a vertical slog up ahead. On left of first photo is small hill climb area for motos.

This car park, being on the river, is at pretty well the lowest point of the park so it's all up from here. If you like to start a bit higher up and warm the legs up, there is another moto parking area at the intersection of Llandeillo Road and North Main Road.

Head up the fire trail and keep climbing - area near the river in south east corner of park. Mix of fire and moto trails with a number of moto hill climbs for good measure.

Trails down to river. Middle photo is at the river - nice area for a break if you've logged a but of distance.

Further pictures of trails heading up to pine plantation in the north east corner of the park

Heding across north side of park adjacent to fenced off reservoir area.

Heading back towards south west of park from northern areas.

You can get quite a few trees down across the trail as shown in middle picture but the open scrub allows you to bypass them readily.

Typical moto trails through middle of park.

Left photo shows view up river valley on southern side of park. Good little tracks down into this area

Moto trails in the middle of the park

More typical moto trails through middle of park.

Another river side view and moto trails

Trails coming back into camp area.

Trail Videos

No Bancoora video for this location yet but here's a YouTube moto video to give you a teaser of the area from Trent Bryant's channel. Type Whipstick into YouTube search and you will get further videos of the area.


Parking and Facilities
Parking is available in a number of locations. Southern location is near the old camp where South Main Road intersects with Ballan Egerton Road (lower elevation starting point). Northern location is at moto parking area at the intersection of Llandeillo Road and North Main Road (higher elevation starting point).
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.