Black Hill - Fast Facts

Trail number


Trail length

400 to 650 metres typically.

Elevation variance

40 metres

Trail type

Downhill style trails with the usual rocks and roots in the track surface. Push up type trails are available which take about ten minutes to climb.

Trail surface

Clay, rocks and roots.

Weather affected

Clay based trails can get quite slippery and muddy after wet weather.

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Typical downhill trails with cut up surface and roots and rocks in the mix as well.

Trail obstacles

Lots of jumps and features on way down. B lines typically available for most obstacles.

Trail Rating

Trail rating

Intermediate, Difficult and Extreme

Rating basis


Night riding

Not recommended.

Family Friendly


Trail Map and GPX file

No Trail Map


No GPX download

Trail Description

There are a number of downhill runs coming down off the summit of Black Hill. The Facebook page for Club Mud has quite a few photos of the trails and work being undertaken in the area to improve the trails. The map above shows some of the runs previously used for competitions but there are more trails in the area.

Trail Videos

Here's a YouTube video of Black Hill from Tom Morgan's You Tube Channel.

Here's a YouTube video of Black Hill from Dipper Lewis's You Tube Channel.

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at end of Sims Road (at summit lookout area).
Toilet facilities are available in Sims Road.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.