Goldfields Track (Wallaby Section) - Fast Facts

Trail number

Wallaby Track

Trail length

90 kilometres

Elevation variance

330 metres

Trail type

Single trail, fire trail and gravel road

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, fine gravel, coarse gravel, rock base depending on location along trail

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources

None available.

Trail features

Shared walking track.

Trail obstacles


Trail Rating

Trail rating

Easy to intermediate dependent on location and length of ride undertaken.

Rating basis


Night riding

Suitable for night riding.

Family Friendly

Younger MTBers could readily ride this course in various sections of it but sections can have some reasonable gradients. Wallaby section E is a good introduction for mountain biking. Being built on an old railway easement, the gradients are gentle and the track is nice and wide. If you want to check gradients for any part of the Wallaby Trail, there is an elevation plot here on the Garmin Connect site.

Trail Map and GPX file

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Trail Description

The Wallaby Trail is part of the Great Dividing Trail (GDT) or the Goldfields Trail which stretches from Ballarat to Bendigo with a branch from Daylesford back to Bacchus Marsh. The GDT was originally started in 1999 as a walking trail but has been upgraded so that mountain bikes can travel the whole trail. There are some diversions where the walking and mountain bike portions split but these are now signposted for clarity.

Refer to the GDT Wallaby Track web page for details of the track and specific details on which portions are closed at any time due to storm damage or back burning operations. Refer to the GDT MTB page for details on which portions of the GDT are not open to bikes.

Good quality maps with reference information on ride features are available (for $7.50 at time of writing) here.

There is also a good Google map of the route on the Geocaching Australia website here.

I haven't ridden the full length of this trail yet but the general gist is that there are a number of discrete sections some of which will be of interest to the day rider and the rest to those who wish to do the whole length of the trail. The trail starts at Mount Buninyong to the south of Ballarat and extends 90 km to Daylesford. Roughly the sections are:

Creswick Miners Walk (Section C of Wallaby Track)

I have ridden the start of the Creswick Miners Walk for a short distance until rain interrupted the ride. The section I rode was good MTB territory largely based on rough fire trails. The path is well sign posted. I started from Black Hill (refer Getting There page) as this is where the urban trail changes to bush trails once through the freeway underpass. Refer to the video page for footage of the short distance ridden (approximately 3km).

The pictures below start at the end of Bawden Street Black Hill though you can pick up the trail anywhere along the river here. Bawden Street has a shallow ford at the end which can be easily ridden. Turn right and follow trail to freeway underpass. If it's a sunny day, it's hard to see in the underpass due to the sudden change in lighting so take care. The underpass is pretty long and dark.

Heading north from start of trail and entry to freeway underpass.

When you leave the underpass, proceed straight ahead (follow the cyclist signs) - the walking track heads off to the left. The trail goes through a few suburban roads. When you get to the bridge in the fourth photo below, cross the bridge. Be careful here as, if you follow the Goldfields Track signs here, you end up on the walking track and end up back at the underpass. Follow signs and you will gradually start rising on single track and fire trail. I'm only guessing but I assume much of the trail to Creswick is like this.

The short portion I rode had lots of twists and turns but the signage is very good and I had no troubles (except at the bridge as noted above).

Andersons Tramway Walk (Section E of Wallaby Track)

The other part I have ridden is the section from Wombat Station to Sailors Falls. This is a good ride. The first section is fairly easy as it follows the old railway cutting before following a gravel road for a short distance and then heading off into some single track / fire trails.

Follow the Yoga Ashram signs from the Barkstead turnoff from the Ballan Daylesford Road (opposite the wind turbines) and you will end up at the rotunda below after 7 kms (referĀ Getting There page). Head off to the right of the rotunda to head towards Daylesford. The first section follows the old railway with a number of cuttings still existing. This is a reasonably easy ride and could be undertaken by the less experienced.

As noted on the GDT map, there are a series of historic culverts under the line which date back to the 1880s (apparently the line was open from 1887 right through to 1978). I could not find these but later information received indicates one of the larger ones (which you can walk through) is located about one hundred metres south of the main cutting where the track is apparently slightly built up. (Thanks to Kyle Menzies for providing this information).

When you get to the White Point Road, turn left and follow the signs. If you proceed ahead at this intersection, there is a bit more of the rail line and the remains of a trestle bridge frame. You will then pass through an old gold diggings area which is largely single track. The trail then is largely small fire trails with a bit of single trail towards Sailors Falls. The falls are worth a side detour. The track then continues on to Lake Daylesford (not shown below).

Picture of the Sailors Falls amphitheatre above.

Trail Videos

Below are videos of section C and section E of the Wallaby Track as described above.

Refer to the MTB Channel for further Victorian trail videos.


Parking and Facilities
Parking is available in numerous locations along trail. There are a number of entry point locations and these are located at Buninyong, Mount Buninyong, Ballarat Railway Station, Creswick Information Centre and Lake Daylesford.
Toilet facilities are located along the trail with better access closer to towns or recreation facilities.
Drinking water is available at town centres along the way. Carry enough water to cover the planned distance and allow for extra if weather conditions are warm to hot.
Food and drinks are available at town centres along the way. The track tends to be located in forest and farm areas so access to food and drinks in these areas is very limited. Carry food as required by the length of your trip.
Local area information can be obtained at Ballarat, Creswick and Daylesford. Refer to the ride pages for these towns for further details.