Pictures are fern tree section, a view of trail area from a distance and trail bridge. Pictures by Bancoora.com.

Buxton is located 100 kilometres to the north east of Melbourne. Buxton has a great network of trails which have been continually upgraded since the Black Saturday fires with additional tracks being added and facilities being upgraded. The tracks are largely built for speed with berms in lots of places and the use of valleys to drop into and rise out of. Trail 2 is the stunner of the network rising up gently to the summit before dropping you down through a fern tree gully - absolutely spectacular.

Note that Buxton does close over the winter wet season. Check the Buxton Facebook page link below to check if closed.

Trail Links
Buxton MTB Park (Bancoora) Buxton hosts a great singletrack network which is set in open forest and fern gullies. A great little trail network set up by the DEPI who are continuing to upgrade the facilities on a regular basis.
Buxton Facebook Buxton MTB Park's Facebook page - has some pictures of the trails and facilities.
Buxton Trail Map (Printable) Good quality trail map on the Murrindindi Cycle Club web page.
Buxton Trail Map (Digital) Trail map for the Buxton ride network can be obtained from Avenza maps along with app. This is the Parks Victoria map and has GPS functionality for out on the trail and can be downloaded to Android and ioS devices. Does not need internet availability once downloaded. Use "Buxton MTB Park" as search term or pan on map to Buxton and select. Maps are free.
Maps and Directions To Get There
Buxton MTB Park Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

Buxton has relatively limited facilities and nearby Marysville provides better options for accommodation and food. Local area information can be obtained at the Marysville web page. This web page has good information on the area and details options for accommodation and other holiday oriented activities in the area.

There is no visitor information centre at Buxton.