Buxton MTB Park - Fast Facts

Trail number

Eight XC tracks. Trail numbers 1 and 2 form the main loop with the others being nested loops or short cuts across the main loop. Note the trails are unidirectional as shown on the trail map.

Trail length

Trail numbers 1 and 2 form a main loop 11.8 kilometres long. Trail number 3 can be used to increase this by 2 kilometres as a side loop. All other trails can be used as short cuts to reduce distances or repeat loops.

Elevation variance

100 metres

Trail type

Single trail

Trail surface

Smooth dirt with some rubbly rock surfaces

Weather affected

Prone to be muddy after medium rain

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Berms, jumps, half pipe valleys

Trail obstacles

Bridges, jumps and ramp rides

Trail Rating

Trail rating

Trail 1 is an easy trail and can form an easy loop for kids by heading up the trail for 1.5 kilometres and then returning down Dyes Lane. All other trails are intermediate with the exception of track 8 which is difficult. I suggest you don't use track 8 as it bypasses the best bit of trail number 2.

Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly

Younger MTBers can ride trail 1 and return down Dyes Lane (about 3 kilometres all up).

Trail Map and GPX File

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Trail Description

The images below were taken some time ago just after the bushfires went through this area but they are still representative of the trails at Buxton. The first picture is a newer picture showing the new toilet and picnic facilities at the trailhead.

New picnic and toilet facilities at the trailhead.

Trail 1 can be used by inexperienced riders to head from the car park up to the head of the track and back onto Mill Creek Road to do an easy 1km off road portion before returning down the road to do it again. Trail 1 rises only gradually over the length of it. It has some minor obstacles but generally the trail is open and flowing.

Below are some views of the creek valley. Note some sections get muddy and slippery as shown in the third photo. This is more of an issue on the tighter corners rather than this one.

Last photo above is the turn off to Dyes Lane at the end of Trail 1.Trail 2 of heads down to the creek before crossing and gradually rising up to the summit via a number of longish switchbacks.

Photos showing Snakes and Ladders track heading along ridge line. Note photo of tyre showing how treads fill with clay in damp conditions which can make for a slippery ride in places.

Photos below show typical bermed corners coming down the first section.

This is trail 2 starting to head down towards trail 7. I was having a bit too much fun on the tighter sections through the fern trees to take more photos suffice to say there are some good tight bermed downhill switchbacks. Refer to the video section for further views.

This portion of the trail criss crosses the valley dropping before rising again to a switchback and so on down the valley. This section reminds me a bit of Marriners Run at Forrest.

Coming down the last section there are a number of small jumps in the trail to get some air time. Some photos of the trail criss crossing the valley on the way down with a nice bermed hairpin in the second photo below.

Trail Videos

The Buxton MTB Park is located just west of Buxton and is maintained by the DEPI. Below is a video of the trails provided by Big Hill Events which features some of the history of the trail's creation and displays the great trails in the complex. Thanks to Big Hill Events for providing the video for use on the website.

Below is a Bancoora video of the main Buxton loop.

Refer to the MTB Channel for further Victorian trail videos.

And here's a video of the Buxton Long Loop from IkeaRocks12 YouTube channel which has some good trail videos.

Click here to go to Ikearocks12 YouTube channel

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at trailhead on Dyes Lane.
Toilet facilities are available at trailhead on Dyes Lane.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area. Picnic facilities are available at trailhead.
No local information facilities are available.