Pines - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

30 kilometres (estimated)

Elevation variance

120 metres

Trail type

Single trail with interconnecting gravel roads

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, rocks and rock outcrops with lots of pine needle coverage

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Typically natural features are used such as trees, rocks, ledges and drop offs

Trail obstacles

Most obstacles are based around rock features and ledges. Some short sharp pinch climbs are in there as well. Getting lost is remarkably easy as pine needles cover the trails in some areas. A map or GPS with trails shown on the map files are worthwhile if you don't know the area.

Trail Rating

Trail rating


Rating basis


Night riding

Yes - but would be hard to follow tracks unless you knew the course well.

Family Friendly


Trail Map and GPX File

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Trail Description

The Pines Trail at Castlemaine is located, not surprisingly, in a large pine plantation a few kilometres to the north east of town.

When you are driving up Colles Road keep an eye out for the shotgun range on the west side of the road. You can't miss it - it's the one with "Danger - Shotgun Range" signs every ten metres along the fence line. Opposite the gate to the gun range shown in the first photo, turn into the plantation Emergency Meeting Point which is shown in the second photo and park.

To access the trails, there is a trail in front of the car in the third photo - follow this for 50 metres and you will see the trails off to the left and right adjacent to the dam.

The trails are through pine forest which has a fairly rocky base with plenty of step ups, drops, etc to play around on. The trails meander through the forest and, if not ridden recently by others can be a bit hard to follow if you are unfamiliar with them. This is because the pine needles form a carpet which makes everything tend to blend.

I suggest you take a GPS with GPX file loaded of the circuit if you can. Failing that, click on the Google Earth map image below to get a zip file of satellite images with the trail shown. This at least allows you to pick up the trail when you meet the gravel roads as sometimes the trail goes straight on and sometimes you have to track along the road to the right or left to pick up the trail and at least this will give you a direction and approximate distance to pick up the trail. This is fairly critical as, again, the trails can be very hard to spot due to the pine needle carpet on the forest floor.

The course itself is quite good in that it's technically challenging without being impossible and the natural rock gardens are fun to get through. Below are some typical pictures from near the car park which are typical of what you will see.

Park opposite the gun range.

Follow the track in the left photo into the dam area and pick up the single trail.

Fast flowing trails and rocky outcrops in photos above and below.

Typical logging management road on right and trail skirting another dam below.

Trail Videos

Refer to the MTB Channel for further Victorian trail videos.

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Colles Road.
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.