Pictures of bakery, Australia Bank and old court house. Pictures used with permission of Travel Victoria.

Chiltern is located 300 kilometres to the north east of Melbourne. Chiltern grew on the back of extensive gold discoveries in 1858 which followed on from other gold rush finds within Victoria. The gold rush architecture lives on and many of the buildings are now protected by the National Trust. The town was on the Hume Highway for many years but has since been bypassed to leave the town relatively quiet and a prime spot for tourism as it is surrounded by the Mount Pilot National Park..

Mountain biking is predominantly located in the Mount Pilot National Park which surrounds the town on the northern and eastern flanks.

Trail Links
Chiltern Trails General overview of cycling activities in Chiltern area.
Map of bush trails (Download) This website contains a number of references to trails in the area.
Mount Pilot National Park (Download) Parks Victoria guide to the Mount Pilot National park. Has details of camping options in the area, details of the Yeddonba aboriginal heritage site which contains some aboriginal rock art and many other attractions within the park.
Maps and Directions To Get There
Chiltern Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

Local area information can be obtained at the Chiltern web page. This web page has good information on the area and details options for accommodation and other holiday oriented activities in the area.

Chiltern Visitor Information Centre
30 Main Street, Chiltern Vic 3683
Tel +61 3 5726 1611