Pictures of post office, Calambeen Lake and Town Hall. Pictures used with permission of Travel Victoria.

Creswick is located 120 kilometres to the west of Melbourne. Creswick is a town that was developed around the gold mining boom that swept the region in the 1850s. Because of the wealth generated from the mines, it has some grand old buildings built during this period that remain to this day.

Creswick is located near the Creswick Regional Park which contains the bulk of the mountain biking opportunities in the region and it also has the Golfields Track running through the area down to Ballarat in the south and up to Bendigo in the north. In the 2nd quarter of 2018, work will begin on 100 kms of new trails as part of a tourism drive for the area sponsored by the Victorian Government. Further details below.

Trail Links
Creswick Regional Park Details on the Creswick Regional Park from the Creswick webpage.
Creswick Regional Park Details on the Creswick Regional Park from Parks Victoria. Includes park notes and other useful documents describing the heritage of the area.
Creswick Regional Park Notes Park notes from Parks Victoria.
RACV Creswick The RACV has an MTB loop in their grounds at Creswick which is on a "free to use" basis. I have confirmed with the resort that they are open to the public for use and that the only fee that applies is that if you wish to hire a bike which can be done at the resort. Apparently Dirt Art have been in there recently (May 2017) to further upgrade the trails as well.
Planned 100km of Trails The Victorian Government has announced in April 2017 that $2.56M in funding for 100 km of trails in the Creswick area to complement the RACV trails is to be made available. Further details can be found in this Courier article. The Master Plan for the trails is available on the VOGA cycling club website on this web page.
Creswick Trails Website This website provides details on the progress of the trail network at Creswick. Family friendly trails around Hammond Park and linking to the RACV resort in Ballarat will be the main focus initially.
Maps and Directions To Get There
Creswick Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

Local area information can be obtained at the Creswick webpage and the Visit Creswick Webpage. These webpages have good information on the area and details options for accommodation and other holiday oriented actvities in the area.

Creswick Visitor Information Centre
41 – 43 Albert Street Creswick
Phone: (03) 5345 1114