Pictures are of Convent Gallery, Lake Daylesford and Hepburn Spa Centre. Pictures used with permission of Travel Victoria.

Daylesford is located 115 km by road to the north-west of Melbourne and has a large array of cafe, restaurant, accommodation and spa based options for a break.

There are a number of mountain biking opportunities in the area in the Wombat Forest area, on the Goldfields Track (Wallaby and Dry Diggings Tracks) and the Great Dividing Trail's Lerderderg Track.

I have not yet documented any rides in the Wombat Forest area to the south east of Daylesford (apart from those to the west of Blackwood but these are some distance from Daylesford). I understand the bulk of these are fire / management trails but I have not had a chance to check them out yet.

I am documenting the Goldfields Track in sections with the Ballarat to Daylesford section (Wallaby Track) being located under the Ballarat section. I am documenting the Daylesford to Castlemaine section (Dry Diggings Track) under the Daylesford section and the Castlemaine to Bendigo section (Leanganook Track) under the Castlemaine section.

I have also provided some information for the Great Dividing Trail Lerderderg Track in the Daylesford section.

Trail Links
Lerderderg Track (Bancoora) Some background information on the Lerderderg Track
Dry Diggings Track (Bancoora) Some background information on the Dry DiggingsTrack
Great Dividing Trail Website for the Great Dividing Trail which forms the basis for the Goldfields Track from Buninyong through to Bendigo and from Daylesford back down to Bacchus Marsh.
Goldfields Track Website for the Goldfields Track which runs from Buninyong to Bendigo - click here for the Wallaby Track section which covers the section north and south of Ballarat.
Goldfields Track There's a pretty good run down on a 4 day trip here for the Goldifields Track with pictures and description of the trails from Tassie Rambler.
Maps and Directions To Get There
Daylesford (Dry Diggings Track) Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Daylesford (Lerderderg Track) Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

Local area information can be obtained at the Daylesford Delights webpage. This webpage has good information on the area and details options for accommodation and other holiday oriented actvities in the area.

Daylesford Regional Visitor Information Centre
98 Vincent Street, Daylesford
Phone: (03) 5321 6123
Free call: 1800 454 891