Dry Diggings Track Notes

The Dry Diggings Track is part of the Great Dividing Trail (GDT) or the Goldfields Trail which stretches from Ballarat to Bendigo with a branch from Daylesford back to Bacchus Marsh. The GDT was originally started in 1999 as a walking trail but has gradually been upgraded for a large portion of it into a shared mountain bike and walking trail.

Refer to the GDT Dry Diggings Track web page for details of the track and specific details on which portions closed at any time due to storm damage. Refer to the GDT MTB page for details on which portions of the GDT are not open to bikes.

Good quality maps with reference information on ride features are available (for $7.50 at time of writing) here.

There is also a good Google map of the route on the Geocaching Australia website here.

I haven't ridden this trail yet but the general gist is that there are a number of discrete sections some of which will be of interest to the day rider and the rest to those who wish to do the whole length of the trail. The trail starts at Golden Springs to the north east of Daylesford and extends 48 km to Castlemaine (there are an additional 13 kms of trails between Golden Springs and Daylesford if you wish to walk them). Roughly the sections are:

 Entry points for the trail are located at: