Lerderderg Track Notes

The Lerderderg Track is part of the Great Dividing Trail (GDT) network. This section stretches from Daylesford to Bacchus Marsh via Blackwood. The GDT was originally started in 1999 as a walking trail but has gradually been upgraded in sections into a shared mountain bike and walking trail.

Portions of the Lerderderg Track are not suitable for mountain bikes and, in particular, they should not enter the Conservation Area of the Lerderderg State Park due to concerns over the spread of Cinnamon Fungus (the section affected is the Whisky Track and Square Bottle Track portion of the Track).

Good quality maps with reference information on ride features are available (for $7.50 at time of writing) here.

I haven't ridden the full length of this trail yet but have documented a number of sections under other parts of the web site. These include:

 These are documented in the Blackwood and Lerderderg sections of the website.