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Erica is located 140 kilometres to the east of Melbourne. This area has a number of trails with the Erica MTB park sitting at the core of them and the Tyers Rail Trail heading out to the west and the Walhalla Rail Trail taking you up into the historic gold mining area of Walhalla. The bush in this area is very nice with lots of ferns glades and rivers amongst the normal gum forests.

Trail Links
Tyers Rail Trail (Bancoora) Information for this trail.
Erica MTB Park (Bancoora) Information for this trail.
Walhalla Rail Trail (Bancoora) Information for this trail.
Erica MTB Park Facebook Page Facebook page for Erica MTB Park.
Maps and Directions To Get There
Erica (Tyers Rail Trail) Click on link for map showing how to get there. (Refer Erica MTB Park trail map for parking areas for the MTB Park.)
Tourist Information

Local area information can be obtained at the Walhalla and Mountain Rivers web page. This web page has good information on the area and details options for accommodation and other holiday oriented activities in the area.

Erica has no visitor information centre.