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The Howqua Historic Area is located 250 kilometres to the north east of Melbourne and south east of Mansfield. It can be readily accessed via the Howqua Track from just outside of Merrijig.

I was in two minds about including this area on the website as the riding I have done in the area to date has been on gravel roads (ie better than fire trail quality) which is outside the normal single track and fire trails that MTB'ers look for. Having said that, this area is just beautiful to ride through along the river valley and there are plenty of side trails to explore, high country huts and short walks to undertake.

When I get a further chance to get up there and explore a bit more, I'll add to the site but it's worth a trip even if you keep to the normal roads.

There are plenty of camping sites available adjacent to the river. The Heritage Walk is an easy walk through nice bushland with some relics from the gold smelter and some water courses from the mining days. It runs from Sheepyard Flat to Frys Flat.

Before embarking on a trip in this area, be sure to take a good topographical map and preferably a GPS if heading off the main roads, dress for the weather and ensure you have suitable supplies. If you're following the river on the roads the navigation is easy but the countryside is in a remote part of Victoria. To give you an idea, I visited 2 days after Australia Day and before school holidays were finished and I saw about ten people. If I headed truly off road, I probably would have seen none.

As a side note, the weather bureau indicated it was going to be 19 Celsius on Buller on the day I was up there which I thought would provide good riding conditions. Despite this, the temperatures in the Howqua area were 32 Celsius on the day I was there so the difference in altitude makes quite a difference. You should take this into account in terms of clothing particularly if you're heading uphill.

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Maps and Directions To Get There
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Tourist Information

Local area information can be obtained at the Parks Victoria Howqua webpage. There are limited facilities in this area and bush camping is the only accommodation.

Howqua does not have a visitor information centre.