Sheepyard Flat Area - Fast Facts

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Single trail,fire trail and gravel road

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Smooth dirt and rocks

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Prone to be muddy after heavy rain

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Trail Description

The trail below is a short circuit starting from Sheepyard Flat going up past the Howqua United mine shaft, back down to Frys Flat and back around the Historic Area. It is located near the junction of the blue and orange trails in the map above. Head west across the campground and head off onto the road rising up the hill on the left.

Follow the road up the hill, there are some nice views through the tree canopy to the right with Timbertop in the background. You will get to a Management Trail heading off to the left. Follow this to the top of the hill and you will get to a gated enclosure.

Enter the enclosure and you can see the shaft to the United Mine off to the left. It's fairly overgrown. Obviously be careful in the vicinity of the workings.

Head back down the hill to the road and turn left. This gives a good fast downhill run to Frys Flat which has Frys Hut on it. There's a bit of history on a plaque there and you can go inside and have a look around to give you an idea of what is was like to live there in times past. Last picture is the camping area adjacent to Frys Hut. Fairly basic with only drop dunnies and the river for water but a beautiful spot.

Frys Hut - outside and inside.

Head down to the river where you have two options. You can walk the Heritage Track back and pass the old Chimney Ruin. The signs can be very confusing as to where you can and can't ride. The sign below indicates no horses, trail bikes or bikes yet the sign 5 metres on indicates the horse trail and walking trail so I'm not sure what happened to the no horses. If you want to ride, follow the horse trail and ford the river. I walked it as I had a GPS and camera that I didn't want to dunk but the bottom is reasonably smooth so it's probably rideable.

Follow the bridle trail back to the main road and follow it back to Sheepyard Flat.

When you get back to Sheepyard Flat, it's great to have a break beside the river.

Heritage Walk (Walking Only - no MTB)

The Heritage Walk is an easy walk through nice bushland with some relics from the gold smelter and some water courses from the mining days. A picture of the smelter chimney is shown below. it runs from Sheepyard Flat to Frys Flat.

Smelter chimney remnants

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Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Sheepyard Flat.
Toilet facilities are available at Sheepyard Flat.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.