Porcupine Rim - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

20 kilometres (one way shuttle from Sand Flats Road trailhead).

Elevation variance

300 metre climb followed by 900 metre drop

Trail type

Single trail, fire trail, gravel road

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, fine gravel, coarse gravel, rocks and rock outcrops

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Massive 15 km downhill run, riding clifftops, Colorado River views

Trail obstacles

Steps, jumps, off camber ledges

Trail Rating

Trail rating

Intermediate, Difficult

Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly


Trail Map and GPX File

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Trail Description

This ride is a fantastic ride and only for experienced riders. The ride starts at a trail head on Sand Flats Road which is followed by 5 kilometres climbing 300 metres. Not too bad you say but when there's a ledge every few metres it makes for a tough ride. An alternative is to keep driving up Sand Flats Road to the next trailhead which basically takes you up to the mesa rim.

Once you get up to the top, you get a massive view out over Porcupine Rim that is absolutely brilliant. This is followed by a 15 kilometre downhill run over rocks, ledges, boulders, etc. Best ride I have ever done. Have a look at the video to get an idea.

Heading down the Porcupine Rim Trail - didn't take many photos. Was having too much fun on this ride.

Trail Videos

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Sand Flats Road and next to the Colorado River for a shuttle run or you can catch one of the commercial shuttles up and ride back to town.
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
Information on the ride can be obtained at the trailhead.