Mount Blackwood Road - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

7 kilometres (each way)

Elevation variance

100 metres

Trail type

Single trail, motor bike track, gravel road and bitumen road

Trail surface

Smooth dirt and small rocks

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Good views from Mount Blackwood

Trail obstacles


Trail Rating

Trail rating


Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly

No. While the road has only irregular traffic, cars would present a danger to younger riders

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Trail Description

If you ride the Blackwood Ranges Track, you may want to consider going further towards Blackwood and hook into the Telstra Track or the Charcoal Half Pipe ride. The legal options to do this are limited as the Lerderderg State Park on the northern side of Mount Blackwood Road has been proclaimed a conservation zone.

However there are a number of options to the southern side of the Mount Blackwood Road as this area still forms part of the Wombat State Forest but does not have these stricter controls on it. There are a number of lengths of single trail (not continuous) created by motorbikes in the area adjacent to the road alignment as well as a small fire trail loop (Struck Oil Track) which reduces the amount of time spent on Mount Blackwood Road and a side trail to the Red White and Blue mine workings and there are also some 4WD tracks which head over to the Greendale Trentham Road as well. If you can locate the Struck Oil Mine adit its pretty nifty and still has the rails etc going into it.

The following trail notes are taken from Lohs Lane at the end of Blackwood Ranges Ride, past Mount Blackwood and along the Mount Blackwood Road to the Greendale - Trentham Road where, if you are really keen, you can pick up the Telstra Track or Charcoal Half Pipe track to Blackwood through the Wombat State Forest.

Starting from the end of the Blackwood Ranges Trail, head west along Loh Lane to Mount Blackwood Road and turn right.

It is recommended that you take the time to detour to the summit of Mount Blackwood by turning right at Tower Track. DEPI has gained access to the lookout area and it can be accessed by means of a latched gate from Tower Track. Please leave the gate open or closed as you find it. The gate has the sign below at it so you don't mix it up with private property in the area.

The summit of Mount Blackwood at 736 metres is much higher than the surrounding area providing great views of the areas below. The view from the top provides views from the north east right around to the north west including city views. Views into the Lerderderg Gorge area can also be obtained from Tower Track as the trees on the summit block the views in this direction.

Mount Blackwood summit.

Views to the south from Mount Blackwood

Views to the north from Tower Track at Mount Blackwood looking over Lerderderg Gorge.

Head back to Mount Blackwood Road and turn right towards Blackwood. You will get to the end of the bitumen in about half a kilometre. Here there is the first part of the single trail which heads off to the left of the road at the end of the bitumen.

From here, the single trail roughly follows the road alignment. A few hundred metres on there is a single track which heads across to Shuters Lane. It’s only short but worth a quick detour out and back providing a nice run down and back up the other side of a valley. The pictures below are just after back burning so there will a bit more green when you go hopefully!

The single trail runs intermittently alongside Mount Blackwood Road so pick it up as it appears and use the road where it disappears. Mount Blackwood Road is lightly trafficked so you won’t have any dramas riding it. Typical photos of the single track are shown above and below.

Various bits of single track alongside road - these are intermittent in nature but readily accessed from road.

Coming in to end of trail.

When you get to the Greendale - Trentham Road you should pop out near the bus stop at Cowans Drive. Going the other way, this is the start of the single trail as shown.

Side Tracks

As you go along Mount Blackwood Road after Shuters Lane you will pass Square Bottle Track on the right, Mount Grey Track on the left, Bullet Track on the right, Red White and Blue Track on the left, Briton Track on the right, Struck Oil Track on the left and Halls Track on the right. These are all unsigned and there are a number of other track stubs just to confuse. A map is handy and GPS even more helpful to pick the correct tracks. There's not much danger of getting lost however as you can readily back track out to Mt Blackwood Road. The tracks below are marked on the map above.

Red White and Blue Track

The Red, White and Blue track was named after the mine that used to be worked in the area. You can head down this track (when heading west along Mount Blackwood Road) and follow the first trail right to follow a side loop that runs parallel to Mount Blackwood Road or you can head out to the end of the trail which forms a loop around the old mine working area.

Struck Oil Track

The Struck Oil Track heads down to the Struck Oil Mine and provides a side loop which runs parallel to the Mount Blackwood Road. Refer pictures below for the side loop portion which drops gradually and then rises back to Mount Blackwood Road. The Struck Oil mine adit is pretty good if you can find it.

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Parking and Facilities
Parking is readily available.
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.