Nowa Nowa Trails - Fast Facts

Trail number

Seven Trails

Trail length

Typically trails are 4 - 6 kilometres long

Elevation variance

160 metres

Trail type

Single trail

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, rocks

Weather affected

Prone to be muddy after medium rain

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Berms, jumps, ramps

Trail obstacles

Log obstacles, log rollovers

Trail Rating

Trail rating

Easy, Intermediate

Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly

Younger MTBers could readily ride these trails and there are a number of options with easy rides and a short loop for smaller kids.

Trail Map and GPX File

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Trail Description

I only rode the two trails at Nowa Nowa due to showers in the area at the time and I didn't get a chance to take photographs but I did get videos of two trails so you can view these. The trails follow much the same line down the mountain so I imagine the other trails are much the same in character but just with different alignments.

Trails are uni directional (ie one way). You can climb to top trailhead using trail 1 which zig zags up the mountain or via the Gorge Road if you just want to climb readily and then enjoy the run down. All other trails run in the downhill direction.

Trails 6 and 7 are suitable for kids to do small loops near the car park area.

Trail Videos

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at trailhead. There is also a shuttle road which allows for vehicle parking at the upper trail head as well - refer to trail map.
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
Local area information can be obtained at the trailhead sign.