Gorae Loop - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

9 kilometres

Elevation variance

30 metres

Trail type

Single trail, fire trail

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, rocks and rock outcrops

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Berms, jumps, drop offs, ramps

Trail obstacles

Log obstacles, bridges, B-lines available

Trail Rating

Trail rating


Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly

Younger MTBers could readily ride this course as long as they have a reasonable level of riding confidence.

Trail Map and GPX File

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Trail Description

Gorae is a fun little loop located just off Gorae West Road. It is relatively flat terrain but has an interesting array of trail features such as berms and log obstacles to keep you entertained.

Heading west on Gorae West Road you'll approach the railway crossing with the farm on the right in the first photo. The second photo shows the entrance to the trailhead on the left of the road. It has no markings. The third photo shows the view from the entrance looking back where you came from. The entrance is just past the rail crossing sign on the road.

Above are some typical photos of the trail and typical obstacles. There are a few sections of fire trail joining the single track together.

Refer to the video to get more of a feel

Trail Videos

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at trailhead just off Gorae West Road.
No toilet facilities are available.
No drinking water is available.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
No local information facilities are available.