Below is a listing of various maps, magazines, e-magazines and books which may be of use in your MTB pursuits. A number of these are free or quite cheap so check them out. I have no commercial affiliations with these government departments and businesses but have used the services of most of them to some degree.

If you have any other publications that you are aware of, email me and I will post them up for others to reference.


The DEPI website has a useful tool called DEPI Forest Explorer which has free maps for all of Victoria. The tool has a number of overlays which can be turned on to show contours, features, etc.

Meridian Maps produce an excellent topographical map of the Blackwood - Wombat Forest area which is clear to read and has most of the trails and walking tracks in the area which makes it especially useful for mountain biking.

Scale is 1:35000 and contour intervals are at 20 metre intervals. Area covered reaches from Barrys Reef (just NW of Blackwood) to Bacchus Marsh in the south east corner of the map. It also has a detailed insets of the Werribee Gorge State Park and Blackwood township area.

Vicmap provide topographical maps for the whole of Victoria. These provide excellent value as they come in pdf format and can be reprinted if you destroy a copy on a ride so can basically be reprinted over and over.

The pdf files cost $2.50 each and are delivered electronically so you get them immediately. They are in colour and extremely detailed so are really good for the more experienced mountain bikers that want to head off road in remote areas such as Mt Buller, Howqua, etc.

Adobe Reader can be used to print, enlarge, etc sections of the map as required. Note there are some issues with which Adobe Acrobat version is used - refer notes on the website. If you have issues, I find Acrobat 9 works fine.

I have included Vicmap references for rides where I consider it is appropriate to have maps (ie remote unsigned rides).

Map Works can help out with a wide range of topographical maps and orders can be placed online. Mapworks is located at 184 Keilor Road, Essendon North.

Melbourne Map Centre can help out with a wide range of topographical maps and orders can be placed online. Melbourne Map Centre is located at 738-740 Waverley Rd, Malvern East.


Australian MTB magazine has a good variety of articles including bike reviews, trail reviews, tourism options, servicing tips and the like. AMB is oriented more towards the XC rider but has some downhill content.

Revolution Mountain Bike Magazine is oriented towards the downhill and All Mountain market.


IMB is a free online magazine with a good spread of articles.

IMB also has a comprehensive skills section.

You probably can't get to this library to join up but this web page highlights a service offered by quite a few libraries now where you can get access to e-magazines by being a library member.

Zinio has a range of Australian and international MTB magazines to choose from.


Keiran Ryan's latest book newly updated to include 74 rides including some family friendly options. Hard to locate now but you may be able to pick one up on eBay or at a bike shop. Cell Bikes had some stock when this was written.

Kieran Ryan had two earlier editions for rides around Victoria. These were titled "Off Road Cycling Adventures". They appear not to be sold any more but you may be able to get a second hand version somewhere if you keep an eye out and a number pop up on eBay from time to time.