Peninsula Wines Trail - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

30 kilometres

Elevation variance

200 metres

Trail type

Single trail, fire trail, gravel road and bitumen road

Trail surface

Smooth dirt, fine gravel, coarse gravel

Weather affected

All weather

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Some tight technical sections

Trail obstacles


Trail Rating

Trail rating


Rating basis


Night riding

Yes - be careful on Shands Road as it is dirt and narrow.

Family Friendly

Younger MTBers could readily ride parts of this course with particular emphasis on the rail trail portion between Merricks and Red Hill.

Trail Map and GPX File

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Trail Description

Keiran Ryan published a copy of this ride in the Australian Mountain Bike Magazine with the route starting at Red Hill (which is where the Red Hill Riders usually start their rides from). The associated linked videos are of the ride starting from Merricks and doing the same loop in a clockwise direction - I like to end with a downhill run rather than a climb!

The trail is quite a mix of trails including a shared trail (Red Hill Rail Trail), a few dirt roads to connect the tracks, maintenance and service roads (dirt tracks) and a number of sections of single track. The trails range from beginners level for the rail trail through to intermediate at most for the other sections.

At 30 kilometres it does provide a good distance to ride. I lost my GPS while doing the circuit so unfortunately cannot provide a .gpx file for the circuit.

Safety Notes

Please give way to all horses by getting off the trail and letting them pass or communicate with horse riders if you are coming up from behind rather than ringing your bell to avoid startling the horses. It is critical to follow this rule as horses can be readily startled potentially causing injury to the horse and / or rider.

Obviously limit speeds when in the vicinity of pedestrians as well.

Red Hill to Merricks Rail Trail

The rail trail starts at Merricks where there are parking, cafe and toilet facilities available. You can pick up the rail trail by picking up the track behind the vineyard over the road from the general store / cafe.

The rail trail section is a fairly straightforward climb following the old rail easement for a lot of the way. In 6 kilometres, you rise a handy 170 metres in the climb to Red Hill South. The trail here is a wide dirt based track and is shared with walkers and horses. For mountain bikers, it is an easy trail technically and families could readily ride this section.

Some typical photos of the trail are shown below or you can refer to the video as well.

Baynes Road and Red Hill - Shoreham Road

When you get up to Red Hill South, continue along the trail to the main strip and cross it into Baynes Road. Follow this gravel road and pick up the single trail on the left and follow it down the Red Hill - Shoreham Road to Shands Road intersection. This section is fairly straightforward single track with some pine tree roots to roughen it up slightly.

Shands Road

Turn into Shands Road and pick up the single track immediately on the right. This is a great little section of single track dropping down to the bridge across the river. After this you need to follow the road out to pick up the next bit of single track at Tucks Road. This road is very narrow with a soft shoulder so take care as you ride it out of the valley.

Tucks Road

Turn right into Tucks Road and immediately pick up the power easement track which varies from truck width down to single track in places. Some nice views over the surrounding farms and vineyards along this section.

Mornington - Flinders Road to Red Hill

As for Tucks Road pick up the service road / single trial on the left and follow it into town. Red Hill Riders meet at the school on Sundays at 8 am for their weekly ride. Once in town cross the road and follow the bike track through town to Sheehans Road on the left.

Sheehans Road

This dirt road is used to bypass the busier White Hills Road top section which is very busy.

White Hills Road and Mc Ilroys Road

Pick up the short length of single trail on the left and then pick up the single trail on the right near Foxeys Hangout vineyard and follow it around into Mc Ilroys Road. This is a fun section of single track following the road reserve. It finishes up towards the flora reserve so follow the road out as required. Turn right at Red Hill Road and follow down to Stanleys Road.

Stanleys Road

Pick up the single track on the left in the trees and follow down as far as Tonkins Road on the right which you then follow back to the rail trail and back to Merricks. Sorry no pictures of this section as camera did not pick it up. Keep an eye out for Tonkins Road as this is fairly heavily treed along this portion.

Trail Videos

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Merricks and Red Hill.
Toilet facilities are available at Merricks and Red Hill.
Drinking water is available at Merricks and Red Hill.
Food and drinks in the area are available at Merricks and Red Hill.
No local information facilities are available.