Pictures of main street, Star Hotel and massive mullock heap from gold mining days. Pictures by Bancoora.com.

Walhalla is located 180 kilometres to the east of Melbourne and 50 km north east of Moe.

This area has wide potential for MTBers with numerous fire trails, 4WD and motorbike trails in the area and the Erica MTB Park is currently being developed with a western and an eastern section to either side of the township. The trails below can be readily linked together to form a ride taking in the Tyers Rail Trail, western part of the Erica MTB Park, eastern part of the Erica MTB Park and then on to Walhalla. This could readily turn into a 50 to 100 km trip if you wanted it to. Refer to the Erica section for ride details.

The area has a history based on the gold and the timber industries. Two of the trails included here follow the old rail lines which took timber back to Moe. The town is well preserved and has a number of features to visit if you've got the time.

The gold mine tour takes you deep into the mountain (though only through a very small part of the original workings. The tour guide I had had a wealth of knowledge on the mine and the tour was well worth the effort. There is a heritage train trip as well which runs from the Thomson River bridge on the road into Walhalla to the southern outskirts of town and follows the river valleys up to the town - again another worthwhile excursion. There are a number of other sites to visit around the town such as gold mine areas, the heritage buildings, cemetery and the like.

Trail Links
Walhalla Rail Trail (Bancoora) Information on the Walhalla rail trail.
Gold Mine Tour Website related to the old gold mine. This tour is well worth doing. The guide I had was an experienced miner and was very informative.
Heritage Train Trip Website related to the historic steam train which runs between Thompson and Walhalla.
Walhalla Rail Trail Rail trail details from railtrails.org.au.
Walhalla Website Website for Walhalla with details on the town and things to do.
Maps and Directions To Get There
Walhalla Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

Local area information can be obtained at the Walhalla and Mountain Rivers web page. This web page has good information on the area and details options for accommodation and other holiday oriented activities in the area.

Walhalla does not have a visitor information centre.