Walhalla Rail Trail - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable.

Trail length

16 kilometres (return)

Elevation variance

200 metres

Trail type

Single trail and wide trail (width of old rail line)

Trail surface

Smooth dirt and rocks

Weather affected

Prone to be muddy after medium rain

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Beautiful forest and some historic features.

Trail obstacles


Trail Rating

Trail rating


Rating basis


Night riding


Family Friendly

Younger MTBers with good fitness and skills could readily ride this trail although they would need to be able to cover the full 16 kilometres unless a shuttle was used. Note that riding from Erica to Thompson does have a nett 200 metre drop so is easier than in the reverse direction. If unsure of their capabilities, ride from Thompson so the return downhill trip is easier. There is a section behind Thompson station that may have to be walked but it is relatively short.

Trail Map and GPX File

The Walhalla Rail Trail is shown in orange in the map below. The other trails shown are the eastern side of the Erica MTB Park so you can vary the ride by picking up these trails along the way.

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Trail Description

The Walhalla Goldfields Rail Trail is a part of a number of rail trails across Australia organised and maintained by Rail Trails Australia. A lot of these rail trials are well known and well used though there are a number hidden in beautiful bush settings and this is one of them. Being a former rail line, the trail is largely the same width as a rail line with various portions being through cuttings made for the train line.

The trail starts at the Erica trailhead where the trail rises from 400 to 440 metres in altitude in 2 kilometres. After this, the decline is almost linear which is the usual practice for railway lines and drops from 440 metres down to the Thomson River at 240 metres. The trail passes through well preserved forest and fern glades. The trail is not technically challenging - just a good cross country ride. A portion near the end where one of the rail bridges has collapsed needs to be walked for a short distance.

You can then ride the bitumen from Thompson up into Walhalla township which is about 5 kilometres. The road rises about 120 metres in elevation over this distance with much of it at the start. This is well worthwhile doing to see the town but just be aware there are a lot of blind corners on the way up and the road is not overly wide so just be aware of traffic approaching from behind and keep clear of them if required.

Erica Trailhead

The photos below run from the Erica trailhead through to Thomson station. To access the Erica Trailhead coming from Moe on the Moe - Walhalla Road, turn right at Station Street as you come into town, follow it to Henty Street and follow this until you get to the trail head marker.

Follow the rail trail using the orange / red triangular markers attached to trees. This portion of the Walhalla Goldfields Rail Trail passes through the middle of the eastern section of the Erica MTB park.

Heading off from start of trail.

The trail crosses the Walhalla Road at the intersection shown in the right hand photo above.

Trail continues directly across the Walhalla Road. There is some trail information located here.

A mix of single trail and wider trail.

Some old bridge ruins just before Thomson station. A short section of the trail may have to be walked here.

After a short distance you will come into the back end of the Thomson Station. You will come across the sign in the second photo below. The sign advises not to enter the track area of the station yard. Follow the bunting down to the right and into the yard area shown in the third photo. In the third photo the rail area is above and to the right of the shed. Proceed across the yard to the station building and out to the main road.

Accessing Trail From Thomson Station

To access the Thomson Station trail head, head to the station building from the road (shown below left), pass to the left of the station building, cross the yard and pass to the left of the shed in the middle photo below and follow the orange safety bunting in the photo to the trailhead. On the right below is a picture looking up the Thomson River from the road bridge.

Picture of station and Thomson River.

Trail Videos

Video above is from the MumsWobblings Channel and gives you an idea of the trail.

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Erica Trailhead and Thomson Station.
Toilet facilities are available at Thompson station.
No drinking water is available on trail.
Limited food and drinks are available at Thompson station.
Local trail information can be obtained where the trail crosses the Walhalla Road.