Anglesea Eumerella Trail Area - Fast Facts

Trail number

Not applicable

Trail length

18 kilometres single trail, 7 kilometres fire trail

Elevation variance

50 metres

Trail type

Jumps, log ramps and some berms

Trail surface

Smooth dirt with some minor rock outcrops

Weather affected

Can be areas of water after rain

Trail condition sources


Trail features

Log ramps, jumps

Trail obstacles

Log ramps and jumps. Some A and B lines

Trail Rating

Trail rating

Easy and intermediate

Rating basis

IMBA rating

Night riding


Family Friendly

Younger MTBers could readily ride this course but take care with some of the jumps / drop offs as some are a reasonable height with no B line.

Trail Map and GPX File
Trail Description

The Eumerella trail area has been well known for years but has only been recently formalised in 2017. At the time of writing, the trails do have some sign posts eg rusty steel plate in trees, carved into old stumps, etc. but you do have to keep an observant eye out for them. The whole area runs through spectacular forest with the central section a massive grass tree area.

The trails are easy and intermediate with the easier ones typically being fire trails. The intermediate trails do have obstacles which are typically drop off jumps and log ramps some of which are quite steep and love catching a chainring. Some of the trails have a definite flow direction with drop off jumps becoming a series of large step ups in the opposite direction.

Trail Videos

No video available for this trail.

Parking and Facilities
Parking is available at Hurst Road.
Not available.
To be confirmed.
No food or drinks are available in the immediate area.
Trail information available at Hurst Road Trailhead.