You Yangs

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The You Yangs Regional Park is located approximately 55 kms south west of the Melbourne CBD. It has two areas for mountain bike riding.

The Stockyards area, located in the northern part of the park, is generally for the more experienced riders. It comprises 14 trails made up of 3 easy, 4 more difficult, 3 very difficult and 3 extremely difficult trails. The Stockyards area is based around an amphitheatre of trails amongst granite outcrops which are extensively used as part of the trail challenges. At the base of the amphitheatre is a series of trails located around the old quarry pits which are gradually being restored.

The Kurrajong area, located in the southern part of the park has 4 trails (2 easy and 2 more difficult) and is suitable for less experienced riders and family groups but also has a number of attractions for the more experienced riders such as jumps, etc which can be bypassed for the less experienced. This area is characterised by fast flowing single trails with relatively minor gradients.

The Kurrajong and Stockyards areas are joined by trail number 14 (Junction Track).

Parks Victoria maintains the You Yangs Regional Park and have very good trail maps and brochures which can be accessed via the Trail Maps tab and the Useful Links tab above.

Please note that mountain biking is not allowed in the Western Plantation (this is the area to west and south of Sandy Creek Road), on management vehicle trails or walking tracks.

Trail Links
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Kurrajong Trail Map Kurrajong area trail map
Stockyards Trail Map Stockyards area trail map
Maps and Directions To Get There
Kurrajong Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Stockyards Click on link for map showing how to get there.
Tourist Information

The You Yangs is only open to vehicles during the day (though you can access the park at night for night riding). It has no accommodation or cafe facilities. Park information can be located here. Local area information can be obtained at the Werribee webpage or the Geelong webpage.

The rangers office is located just inside the southern entrance to the park.
Branch Rd, Little River VIC 3211
Phone:13 19 63